Connectmycareer digital platform wins national technology award at CDI Awards

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Career Connect has received a national award for the innovative use of its new digital platform in supporting people facing multiple barriers to employment.

The charity won the Use of Technology in Career Development award at the UK Career Development Institute Awards 2022 for the design and use of its new ConnectMyCareer

Career Connect adapted a digital platform – commonly used by professionals looking to change their careers, or by graduates looking for their first jobs – by making its content and navigation relevant to those with little to no employment experience, those facing redundancy and those facing multiple barriers to employment.

Common barriers to employment include a lack of interview experience or having no CV.

Participants have benefited from ConnectMyCareer’s cutting-edge features including a function that allows a CV to be assessed against criteria including compatibility with CV scanning software, and an AI interview simulator that analyses body language, eye movement, communication and speech in online interviews – helping to develop vital skills as more interviews now take place remotely. The platform also collates the most relevant job vacancies in one easy-to-navigate space.

The Career Development Institute Awards (CDI Awards) recognise excellence among those who work within the careers industry.

Career Connect’s Lisa Millward-Galliano, a career coach supporting young people in Sefton, was also shortlisted for a national award in the Public Sector Careers Adviser/Coach of the Year category.

Traci Rabaca, Senior Operational Manager at Career Connect, picked up the award from the UK Career Development Institute Awards on behalf of the team.

Traci Rabaca accepted the award on behalf of Career Connect

Traci said: “I am honoured to have accepted this award on behalf of Career Connect, who invested in the digital platform. It has allowed our charity to help so many people in the communities that we serve.

“Some of those we help have little or no employment or digital experience and can face multiple barriers to employment. ConnectMyCareer gives us the tools to provide comprehensive support to help those people with their job search and career development.

“The pandemic showed us that digital literacy is key in career development, and it was fantastic to see our own advisors embrace the technology, building on their own skills too.

“The beauty of ConnectMyCareer is that participants can use the platform with and without their coach or adviser, meaning they can continue to develop their skills between face-to-face sessions. Our service users can easily access the resources they need and undertake as many practice interviews, or CV assessments as they want, to really hone their skills and grow further in confidence.”

ConnectMyCareer is now embedded across a range of Career Connect programmes, providing customised support for those not in employment or training (NEET) or at risk of NEET, offenders, adults and school leavers.

It can be adapted to suit a user’s needs depending on their career stage, offering career guidance, self-development and employability resources and advice.

To find out more about the ConnectMyCareer platform please visit

The Great Resignation – A Free Webinar for Employers

Career Connect is hosting a free webinar for employers and organisations who wish to retain their staff during challenging economic times.

Entitled ‘The great resignation – using career and personal development methods to help keep and find the very best staff’, this free online webinar will be hosted via Zoom from 10am-10.45am on Tuesday 29 March 2022.

During the webinar, you will discover:

  • How helping individuals to explore their careers and personal goals can improve your organisation’s talent management strategies
  • What career management tools and methods you can use in your organisation
  • Where career management services can fit with recruitment and retention
  • How to link career management to the wellbeing of staff and rising stars within organisations.

To reserve your place on this webinar, please email [email protected].

SME News promotes the benefits of Outplacement

SME News has recently published an article discussing the benefits that outplacement can offer.

SME News is a quarterly digital publication aimed at those who own, run or assist in the running of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK.  In their April 2021 article, “Why you should consider using Outplacement services in 2021” – the publication considers the various aspects of outplacement, its features, the business benefits and the ethical implications of businesses turning to an outplacement service to support those staff being made redundant.

The article examines how outplacement can help businesses protect their reputation and improve trust, show support for their staff, reduce business costs and is the ethical thing to do for your employees.

You can read the full article on the SME News website

Connect My Career now upgraded to include Interview360

Career Connect has recently invested in its innovative outplacement digital platform Connect My Career by upgrading it with the addition of a new interview simulator: Interview360.

Interview360 is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered interview training tool that helps interviewees improve their performance for in-person and video interviews. Interviewees can scan their CV to take a video mock interview based on the actual content of their CV, receiving instant AI feedback on their communication, body language and speech.

What makes this different? 

Interview360 provides unique and highly personalised feedback, based on A.I. video analysis of body language, communication & speech, camera position and video quality. Every answer receives A.I. powered feedback that helps build the user’s confidence, using an algorithm that includes factors such as perceived emotion, speech rate, eye movement, speech clarity, smile frequency and use of ‘filler’ words. The tool can be customised in numerous ways including by having Interview360 questions generated by the system CV360 tool, which is also extremely easy to use.  

Why is this important? 

With many employers seeing the advantages of continuing to hold video interviews as Covid restrictions lift, our digital platform – Connect My Career – can help improve a person’s competence and confidence with video interviews specifically and interviews generally. This gives employees facing redundancy extra training in a critical area that can determine getting that job and them moving on. 

Interview 360 is now a standard part of the Career Connect digital platform Connect My Career and an important advance in the support we provide alongside our expert career coaches.

The end of furlough and its impact on Outplacement

The Government’s furlough scheme, which has supported 11.6m jobs since it began, is due to end on 30 September 2021.  It has helped prevent a feared unemployment rate of 1 in 10 (it’s currently less than 1 in 20) at an estimated cost of £66bn.  But what will be its impact on redundancy levels and outplacement considerations for businesses?

How is the furlough scheme changing?

Introduced in Spring 2020, to stop staff being laid off during the COVID19 pandemic, the furlough scheme had the Government initially paying 80% of the wages of those who couldn’t work, up to a monthly limit of £2,500.

From 1 July 2021, the Government contribution has reduced to 70% with employers required to contribute 10% and in August/September the Government contribution will drop to 60%.  In doing this, the Government hopes to encourage businesses to take back workers full time as the economy opens once more.

Many businesses are now asking questions that will affect their staff.  Is the furlough scheme going to be extended again?  It has been extended four times already and the Government has said it does not want to extend it again, meaning that many employers will have to make decisions about whether to take staff back or to make them redundant.

Will more people be made redundant?

The BBC has reported the results of a British Chambers of Commerce survey of 250 businesses that stated that 18% of them (almost one in five) are planning to make redundancies following the recent change in the furlough scheme.

If your business is making considerations about the future of your staff, Career Connect Outplacement can help them to create a better future by updating your employees’ job search skills and helping them to move forward in their careers much faster.  

Many employers are turning to outplacement to show employees at risk of redundancy that they care what happens to them after their employment ends.