A World Plunged into Darkness – Redundancy from the Employee’s View

Redundancy can happen to anyone, but I never thought it would happen to me… 

I was first in the office every day – I even had my own set of keys so I could set up – so when I arrived one morning to find my boss and a senior manager waiting for me, I knew something was wrong. “The money has gone,” I was told, and my heart sank as I realised that the job I’d loved so much – that I’d poured my heart into – was gone and I faced redundancy.  

I hadn’t applied for jobs in a long time, my CV was out of date, I didn’t know how to look for vacancies and I felt nervous at even the prospect of doing interviews. I felt angry, betrayed and depressed in quick succession. Someone I’d probably never even met had decided that my job wasn’t worth it because of some numbers on a spreadsheet. I wanted to fight it but I knew there wasn’t anything I could do.  

I was moved to the redeployment stage. I had no form of career support from my employer. I had to attend an interview for a post I didn’t feel suited to and I was struck by the amazing absurdity of the situation. They knew my skills and experience, so why did I need to be interviewed? The threat of redundancy had shattered my self-confidence.  

What would have really helped me at this point was practical support from a career coach. I wanted someone to discuss my options with, to give me the best chance at finding work again as soon as possible. It would also have helped me deal with feelings of abandonment and frustration as well as moving forward with my career. 

This is where services like Career Connect Outplacement can make all the difference to your employee’s experience. Our one-to-one or group sessions, hosted by qualified Career Coaches, focus on guidance and employability. They help your employees to identify their unique employability skills. We help them feel less isolated and able to consider how to move forward with their careers. 

Practical, job focussed support helps employees overcome mental barriers and move into the final stage of the redundancy grieving process: acceptance and closure.  This helps them to accept the situation, to make the most of it and to make the best of it. We help them to face the future and to find a new job faster.

This is just one of the ways our service helps you and your business. There are many others and we’d be happy to tell you all about them. 

Andrew McGregor is a qualified and experienced Career Coach with Career Connect.

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