Our team of professional, qualified career coaches is led by Andrew McGregor.  Collectively we bring more than 45 years’ experience helping businesses and staff tackle career related issues.

We support businesses across every field, helping people of all ages and career levels - from newer recruits to specialised executive staff.  We’ll work with your employees, HR staff and unions and offer valuable insights into the issues and responses you may encounter in any redundancy, downsizing or outplacement situation.

Andrew McGregor - Lead Career Coach

Andrew leads our team of outplacement coaches and ensures an excellent service is delivered to all clients. With over 25 years’ experience in the Careers sector, Andrew brings an independent, impartial, client centred approach to clients facing redundancy situations. His knowledge, skills and experience help clients and employees to quickly overcome personal barriers and successfully move forward in their careers. 

A former senior trade unionist lobbying Government for the Careers Profession, Andrew holds a range of qualifications in careers education, guidance and employment law, giving him a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of redundancy practices and issues facing businesses and individuals when reducing the size of their workforce. 

Outside work Andrew is a lover of history and philosophy and is joint facilitator of an online ‘philosophy in pubs’ group specialising in debating contemporary issues including artificial intelligence, big data and modern ethics. 

Traci Rabaca - Lead Operational Manager

Traci has more than 30 years’ experience of helping adults achieve their career aims.  Leading a team of highly skilled careers advice and guidance professionals, she is passionate about helping employers explore and effect positive changes, especially those making decisions around downsizing or redundancy for their employees.

Traci understands that no two organisations are the same and the importance that a bespoke, individualised and human approach can place in any outplacement solution to ease the stresses on HR professionals and ensure staff are cared for and supported through the process.  

Outside the office, Traci has a passion for baking, though she admits to being a messy baker.  If Victoria sponges or cupcakes are your ‘jam’, she’d love to swap recipes – or any tips to improve her worktops and keep her husband happy!

Daisy Burns - New Business Manager

Daisy is a business school and marketing graduate with experience in sales, digital marketing and relationship-building for businesses in the public and private sectors.  As the first person many of our clients speak to, she specialises in helping identify the issues they face and discussing practical solutions tailored to their specific needs.

She will work closely with other members of the Outplacement team to ensure clients are offered a comprehensive range of options and answer any client questions to ensure they’re happy with the service they receive.

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