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Helping a graduate get on track

Helping a graduate get on track

Victoria missed out on graduate schemes after university, but worked with a ConnectMyCareer coach and used the AI interview simulator to prepare for a role in a new sector.

I missed out on graduate schemes after university, as I was unsuccessful in interviews and assessment centre tests.

I applied for a job at an estate agent, where I began a career in sales and valuing. This wasn’t exactly the type of job I wanted to do, but I was unsure of the paths I could go down with my Business Studies degree.

After 12 months of searching, including during lockdown, I saw a job as a New Business Manager in the third sector. I wanted to apply, but I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get past the first interview.

I was referred to my career coach, who asked me send over my CV. My coach gave me such thorough feedback that I was able to secure myself an interview.

I then booked two different sessions where he coached me thoroughly for an hour each time, giving me ‘homework’ for the next session – I was excited to do this, as it seemed to be making a difference.

I also had access to the online Connect My Career platform, which allowed me to practise interviews in a way I’d never done before.

The competency-based questions that the AI system came up with reflected the job role I was going for, which was really helpful. After receiving instant feedback, I could then go away and research the points for improvement, using the interview advice videos and articles on the platform, and then repeat the interview.

Alongside using the platform, my coach helped me build up my confidence, taught me how to use different interview techniques, and the STAR way of thinking and answering questions with concise and clear examples.

After two interviews with the employer, I got the job. I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to tell my coach, as I felt like without his help, I wouldn’t have been able to make the leap.

I couldn’t recommend this service enough. After leaving university I was a bit unsure of where to start.

My career coach showed me which aspects of my degree I could use, and how to recognise and use transferable skills as I climb my new career ladder, and the online platform allowed me to practise for my interview in my own time.

*Not the client’s real name

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