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Career coaching is for everyone – not just those ‘at the top’

Career coaching is for everyone – not just those ‘at the top’

You may think that career coaching is only for people chasing promotion. But the reality is that it can help you in many more ways than that.

A career coach can help you identify whether you’re in a job that’s right for you.

The Covid pandemic caused many of us to stop and question our working lives – what’s important to me? What can I change and how can I do it?

This is where a career coach can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be about chasing upward moves. They help you examine career options that might better suit your personality and personal values, and help you identify other roles to consider.

What career coaching involves

A career coach is a career development professional who helps you understand where you want to go and how to get there.

They help you reflect on your current employability skills, encouraging you to consider the knowledge, skills and experience you already possess. Which of these can you accentuate on your CV, making it more relevant to where you want to be? Which parts of your CV can you reshape?

You may have been in your job for some time and feel out of practice navigating today’s changing employment job market.

A career coach helps you through this.

Stop, think and create a plan to move forward

After this initial reflection, your coach will help you to develop an action plan to identify your career goals, targets and timescales to get you where you want to be.

All planned outcomes should be framed by realistic goals and expectations.

A good career coach will be very clear about this, but they can also suggest ways in which you could upskill or build experience for your next move.

It is very likely that they will ask you more questions than give you answers. But that is the point.

They are there to challenge you in a constructive and helpful way, helping you to think about how you want to spend your working life.

They are there to help you stop, think and create that all-important plan to move forward.
It is your future. You own it.

A career coach is there to empower you on that journey – whichever direction you choose.

Find out more about our career coaching packages here and choose which one works best for you.

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