Develop myself and career

Individual career management, helping you build confidence for your job search.

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Help my employees

Support your employees to move on. A people-centred outplacement service.

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CV Analysis

Our highly experienced advisers can offer personalised CV analysis and feedback reports, alongside access to cutting-edge software which tests CVs against online sift algorithms used by many employers. 

CV Analysis
CV Analysis

CV review and analysis, plus feedback report

  • A consultation with one of our highly trained advisers who will look at your CV.
  • Our adviser will run your CV through our CV checker, which tests against online sift criteria.
  • Combining their expertise and the CV checker results, our adviser will provide you with feedback on how to develop your CV.

What it involves

A relaxed conversation with your adviser. Your opportunity to discuss the industry in which you want to work, and the roles you are looking for. You will talk about your goals, and any challenges you have faced when putting together your CV. This will help your adviser to consider ways in which your CV should appeal to your intended audience.

Your adviser will go through your CV in detail, considering what they learned from your initial conversation and the knowledge of the skills needed for the roles you are pursuing and the industry in which you are interested. They will help you consider which skills and knowledge, can be accentuated on your CV, making it more relevant to where you want to be? Which parts of your CV can you reshape?

Your adviser can put your CV through our CV checker software, which tests CVs against online sift criteria used by some companies.

Combining their own analysis, what they have learned from you, and the results of the CV checker (if applicable), your adviser will send you a report, which will make a series of recommendations on how you can shape your CV to suit your goal.

CV Analysis

Identify your skills.
Build your confidence.
Start your journey.

Other services

ConnectMyCareer Platform, Connect My Career feature.

ConnectMyCareer Platform

Online access to our career support tool whenever you need it. Access 1000s of articles, podcasts, videos, interactive e-learning modules and industry insights, alongside a cutting-edge AI interview simulator, CV builder and analysis tool, and in-built job search.

Career Coaching, Connect My Career feature.

Career Coaching

1-2-1 careers advice and coaching sessions with highly qualified careers advisers, delivered online at a time to suit. A named career coach on every step of the coaching journey.

Interview Skills, Connect My Career feature.

Interview Skills

Our specialist advisers offer consultations to identify a client’s interview needs and areas in which they would like to improve. Undertake practice video interviews with an adviser, with questions tailored to sector and role. Follow up with more practice using our AI technology.