Connectmycareer digital platform wins national technology award at CDI Awards

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Career Connect has received a national award for the innovative use of its new digital platform in supporting people facing multiple barriers to employment.

The charity won the Use of Technology in Career Development award at the UK Career Development Institute Awards 2022 for the design and use of its new ConnectMyCareer

Career Connect adapted a digital platform – commonly used by professionals looking to change their careers, or by graduates looking for their first jobs – by making its content and navigation relevant to those with little to no employment experience, those facing redundancy and those facing multiple barriers to employment.

Common barriers to employment include a lack of interview experience or having no CV.

Participants have benefited from ConnectMyCareer’s cutting-edge features including a function that allows a CV to be assessed against criteria including compatibility with CV scanning software, and an AI interview simulator that analyses body language, eye movement, communication and speech in online interviews – helping to develop vital skills as more interviews now take place remotely. The platform also collates the most relevant job vacancies in one easy-to-navigate space.

The Career Development Institute Awards (CDI Awards) recognise excellence among those who work within the careers industry.

Career Connect’s Lisa Millward-Galliano, a career coach supporting young people in Sefton, was also shortlisted for a national award in the Public Sector Careers Adviser/Coach of the Year category.

Traci Rabaca, Senior Operational Manager at Career Connect, picked up the award from the UK Career Development Institute Awards on behalf of the team.

Traci Rabaca accepted the award on behalf of Career Connect

Traci said: “I am honoured to have accepted this award on behalf of Career Connect, who invested in the digital platform. It has allowed our charity to help so many people in the communities that we serve.

“Some of those we help have little or no employment or digital experience and can face multiple barriers to employment. ConnectMyCareer gives us the tools to provide comprehensive support to help those people with their job search and career development.

“The pandemic showed us that digital literacy is key in career development, and it was fantastic to see our own advisors embrace the technology, building on their own skills too.

“The beauty of ConnectMyCareer is that participants can use the platform with and without their coach or adviser, meaning they can continue to develop their skills between face-to-face sessions. Our service users can easily access the resources they need and undertake as many practice interviews, or CV assessments as they want, to really hone their skills and grow further in confidence.”

ConnectMyCareer is now embedded across a range of Career Connect programmes, providing customised support for those not in employment or training (NEET) or at risk of NEET, offenders, adults and school leavers.

It can be adapted to suit a user’s needs depending on their career stage, offering career guidance, self-development and employability resources and advice.

To find out more about the ConnectMyCareer platform please visit

Career coaching is for everybody – not just for those ‘at the top’

You may think that career coaching is only for people chasing promotion. But the reality is that it can help you in many more ways than that.

A career coach can help you identify whether you’re in a job that’s right for you.

The impact of the pandemic has caused many of us to stop and question our working lives – what’s important to me? What can I change and how can I do it?

This is where a career coach can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be about chasing upward moves. A career coach can help you examine career options that might better suit your personality and personal values, and help you identify other roles to consider.

What it involves

A career coach is a skilled career development professional who will help you work out where you want to go with your career and how to get there.

Your coach will help you reflect on your current employability skills, encouraging you to consider the knowledge, skills and experience you already possess.

Which of these can you accentuate on your CV, making it more relevant to where you want to be? Which parts of your CV can you reshape?

You may have been in your job for some time and feel out of practice navigating the practicalities of today’s changing employment job market.

A career coach helps you through this.

Stop, think and create a plan to move forward

After this initial reflection, your career coach will help you to develop an action plan to identify your career goals, targets and timescales to get you where you want to be.

All planned outcomes should be framed by realistic goals and expectations.

A good career coach will be very clear about this, but they can also suggest ways in which you could upskill or build experience for your next move.

It is very likely that they will ask you more questions than give you answers. But that is the point.

Your career coach is there to challenge you in a constructive and helpful way, helping you to think about how you want to spend your working life.

They are there to help you stop, think and create that all-important plan to move forward.
It is your future. You own it.

A career coach is there to empower you on that journey – whichever direction you choose.

Career Connect offers expert career coaching for people from all walks of life. Our career coaches are professionally qualified in Careers Information Advice and Guidance and have a wide range of experience in coaching adults and young people through their career ambitions.

Talk to a member of our team to find out how we can help you achieve your career needs. Contact Daisy Burns on 0151 600 7700 or via email [email protected]