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Support for Senior Level Employees

Jackie was referred to Career Connect Outplacement after a re-organisation by her employer.  Having headed the ICT department with a high profile third sector organisation for more than 25 years, she was shocked to find herself facing redundancy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jackie was given an outplacement consultation with a qualified careers coach from Career Connect.  She learned how to self-analyse, identify key skills and strengths, improve her job search skills and tailor her CV and job applications.  She discovered how to overcome the personal barriers that her redundancy had created, how to identify and apply for employment opportunities, how to create a job search plan and – most importantly – how to improve her confidence and personal resilience.  All this allowed Jackie to immediately start building a careers plan that focused on her skills, knowledge and experience and helped focus her energies into moving forward in her career.

The outplacement support included a subscription to ‘Connect My Career’ – a digital careers support platform offering access to a wealth of careers advice, labour market information, job vacancies, self-assessment exercises and employability and self-development tools including a CV builder, online interviewer simulator, e-learning modules and much more.  

Throughout the process, Jackie’s careers coach kept in touch with her, alerting her to new opportunities and advising her on learning pathways. When she secured a job interview with a large employer for a senior position, the coach provided a special coaching session to help her prepare.  Thanks to the support she received, Jackie found a new job with better terms and conditions in under a month and her careers coach even helped her plan a strategy to ensure her successful start in her new role. 

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