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Successful job searching in an increasingly competitive jobs market

Successful job searching in an increasingly competitive jobs market

A recent BBC article has shown that ‘the number of people looking for work has risen while the number of job vacancies has fallen. This suggests an uncertain outlook for job seekers. So how do you achieve successful job searching in a competitive jobs market?

Right now, the UK jobs market is becoming very competitive.  With the current economic volatility, many people are looking around, to see if they can improve their wages. The BBC article offers some excellent advice on improving your job search results.  These include searching in more than a 40-mile radius and making sure you’re ‘selling’ your skills.

But can you do more? The answer is yes you can, and we have a few suggestions about what to do and a digital platform to help you do just that!

Your Skills and your CV

One of the first things any jobseeker should do is a skills review. Your skills are your assets, so it’s essential to ensure they’re highlighted to their best extent in an effective CV.  A good CV acts as a springboard to help you write excellent online applications.  In doing to, it helps get you to interview, so you can land that new job opportunity.

The Recruitment Sift

With so much competition for vacancies, today’s employers are turning to other methods, such as assessment tests, to sift candidates. As a job seeker you need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Having current skills is a key component that employers look for in candidates. These can vary from ‘soft skills’ like communication and teamwork, to business and computer skills.  Having the latest skills and knowledge is crucial in any job search.  That’s why it’s important to have access to learning materials that help you keep your skills current.

Having access to a digital skills improvement platform can give you a real edge over using multiple sources.  Our digital platform, ConnectMyCareer, does exactly this.


Accessed by the yellow PORTAL button in the top menu bar of this website, ConnectMyCareer features a multitude of tools to help you keep control of your career.  These include a CV builder, an interview simulator, e-learning modules, vacancy tracker and much more besides.

CV Builder

ConnectMyCareer’s CV Builder is an ideal tool for both CV novices and veterans alike.  Follow the simple steps to create eye-catching CVs that will get you noticed by employers.  Instructional videos accompany each section, helping you understand what personal details to include and the best ways to present them.  Or you can choose from a selection of downloadable templates, depending on your experience and the information you want to highlight to a prospective employer.


Many employers today use applicant tracking software that scans and scores CVs.  This allows them to reject any that don’t measure up before they even reach the eyes of a recruiter.  Our CV360 tool uses this same technology to hope you build a CV to get past the sift process.  Simply upload your CV and CV360 scans and scores, giving you detailed feedback to help you improve it and increase your chances of getting through to interview.


Similarly, Interview360 is an interview simulator that uses artificial intelligence to assess how well you come across in a video interview.  Choose from a wide selection of interview styles and questions to perfect your approach.  Then record your interview and Interview360 gives you valuable feedback to move forward and succeed in your job search.


ConnectMyCareer also features a host of e-learning modules and news updates, to help you keep abreast of the latest employment trends.  Topics include understanding how employers use social media for recruitment, or learning how a LinkedIn profile can highlight your career strengths.  There are hundreds of articles to choose from.

Career Development and Direction

Moving forward with your career can be a stressful experience. ConnectMyCareer comes with a whole suite of resilience and wellbeing tools to help you stay on track. 
Take a Jungian assessment to discover your personality type, your career strengths, how you relate to other people and the work environments that suit you best. 
Are you considering a change of career?  Our Career Pathways tool lets you browse through hundreds of informative videos detailing the experiences of professionals across dozens of career sectors.
Attending a networking event and want to impress a potential new employer? We have an ‘elevator pitch’ tool to helps you prepare those crucial conversations that spring out of the question: “So tell me about yourself.”

Keeping Abreast of News and Trends

Our Newsroom helps you keep up to date on all the latest careers news.  Covering everything from handy hints and tips to starting your own business, you have a wealth of job seekers intelligence right at your fingertips.
Want to know how your industry is faring in the world?  Our Industry Trends offer invaluable insights into every industry sector.  Featuring economic overviews, trends updates, SWOT analyses, employment considerations, profiles of key employers and useful websites, it will ensure you stay ahead of the crowd in understanding your sector.

My Jobs

ConnectMyCareer features a highly effective vacancy search tool, that gives you invaluable support to find your next career opportunity.  Simply type in the career category and geographic location you’re looking for and you’ll see the latest vacancies in your area.  You can even narrow or widen the search parameters, search by salary, industry, company name and even level of experience required. You can also ask the engine to check job boards of company websites for vacancies.

If you are looking for a new career opportunity and need a digital support platform that can help you stand out from the crowd, try ConnectMyCareer. It can help you move your career forward from as little as £49 for three months (the average time it takes to find a new job in UK).

Note: Click the PORTAL button to view our special intro video to ConnectMyCareer.

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